• How Much Does A TV Commercial Cost? – Part Two

    In Part One, How Much Does A TV Commercial Cost?  We covered why TV commercials can seem to be expensive, gave real-life cost examples, and showed which elements drive the cost of production up. In Part Two, How Much Should You Spend On A TV Commercial? we discuss the four major budgeting methods you can use to determine how much you should spend on your TV commercial.

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  • How Much Does A TV Commercial Cost? – Part One

    How much does a TV commercial cost? This is the most frequent and the most difficult question we are asked. The short answer is between $2,000 and $2 million. We’re not being flippant. Every TV commercial has to be different from every other so that it stands out on TV. This means every commercial has a different script, different ingredients, and therefore, a totally different set of costs.

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  • How Brands Work – Part Two

    In  Part 1 we discovered two significant truths. BRANDING IS THE RELATIONSHIP A CONSUMER HAS WITH YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE. Branding isn’t a look and feel, a style, a colour, a typeface, or a set of attributes. A brand comprises the sum of the feelings a consumer has about his or her lifetime of interaction with your product, service and/or organisation. THEREFORE BRANDS ARE CREATED NOT BY MARKETERS, BUT BY CONSUMERS.

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  • How Brands Work – Part One

    As a 17 year old copywriter, I was given the opportunity to learn brand strategy and positioning in what was, perhaps, the greatest brand management university that has ever existed. Unfortunately, that opportunity will never be offered to anyone, ever again. Because, due to social pressure, the university is closed for good.  

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  • “I see that you have made three spelling mistakes.”

    – Marquis de Favras, on being handed the warrant for his execution
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