• DVDs Are A Dying Medium

    Your company’s promotional DVD could be a ticking time bomb, waiting to destroy your presentation at the worst possible moment. Cheap, no-name DVDs frequently fail. And they can fail at the most critical point in your pitch. The best disc manufacturers are Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Taiyo Yuden owns the JVC disc brand. Mitsubishi owns the Verbatim disc brand. But brand names alone are no guarantee of top quality.

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  • Corporate Videos. Marketing Videos. What’s The Difference?

    While working through the keywords for our Adwords campaign, we noticed that the search terms people use to find us often don’t match the type of video they are seeking information about. The main confusion appears to be over Corporate Videos, Marketing Videos, Product Videos and Sales Videos. This got us thinking. As video professionals, we should be doing our bit to help clear up this confusion. So here’s a list of […]

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  • Marketing Is A Tax You Pay For Being Unremarkable

    The more me-too your product or service is, the harder you have to work to sell it. The evidence is all around you: Me-too products spending tens or even hundreds of millions on marketing, because the only real difference between the products is the marketing itself. How many carbonated, caffeinated drinks are there? If you blind-taste-tested the twenty or so products available in your average supermarket, would you be able to identify […]

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  • What Kind Of Web Video Works Best?

    Everyone’s talking up online videos and website videos. Bloggers and SEO experts everywhere are telling you that you MUST have video content on your website. That it’s the new big thing. That without videos on your website, you’re missing out on visitors, engagement, sales and SEO rankings. And many of them go on to tell you that producing website videos is as easy as setting up your smartphone or a video camera […]

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  • How $700 Of TV Media Bought Advertising Success

    TV Commercials and Direct response TV advertising

    You’d be surprised how often we hear the same story: They’re a small or medium sized business. They’ve maxed out their online marketing channels. Their market segment is getting crowded as their competitors do the same. They need to: Grow revenue and profitability Drive more cost-effective sales Take a dominant position in a competitive market niche Add value to their business by building a branded presence in the market Does this sound […]

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  • A Direct Campaign With 200 Billion Impressions. Cool Bananas!

    Tourism Marketing Video

    Ecuador has a lot to offer tourists: tropical beaches, brilliant diving, fabulous seafood, the Galapagos Islands, the snow-capped Andes, the Amazon jungle, Spanish, Inca and pre-Inca heritage. A couple of hours flight-time from Miami. Trouble is, not enough tourists know about Ecuador which doesn’t have the money to splash on an international awareness campaign. But it does export 24 million tonnes of bananas each year to North America, Asia and Europe.

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