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At Lokomotion, we make all kinds of videos for all kinds of businesses. But we’re quite different to other video production companies.

Marketing Strategy is at the core of what we do. And we bring a depth of marketing expertise to your video production that few video production companies can match.

This means your video will do the exact marketing and communications job you want it to. And will deliver measurable results based on professional marketing experience.


The video script controls the budget. It can call for expensive shots or economical shots that do the same communication job. It can create problems during production, or deliver solutions.

Our award winning scriptwriters are experienced marketing professionals. Chances are, they’re familiar with your industry, or similar industries. And they’re trained to understand what B2B and B2C customers are looking for.

Their scripts ensure your video makes the right impression, and communicates exactly what it needs to. Without waste or unnecessary expense.


The latest HD cameras, digital recorders, and high power LED and panel lights are compact, lightweight, easy to transport and quicker to set up. So they require a smaller crew.

Our crews are multi-skilled and ultra-experienced. They travel light and work fast.

To deliver even more value for your video budget, from a single shoot we can provide a whole suite of video resources: corporate videos, sales & product videos, web videos, TV commercials, online video ads, video PR and media kits, video DVDs and USB sticks.

To get the most from your video budget, read about budgeting and briefing corporate and online videos here.


We’ve filmed across Australia and around the world, producing marketing, business, corporate and online videos for all major industries: Tourism, Education, Resources, Finance, Technology, Manufacturing, Logistics.

Our video production experience includes:

  • Filming 1.7 km deep (vertical) in an Idaho silver mine
  • Helicopter & quadcopter aerial filming for tourism, mining & emergency services
  • CASA-certified quadcopter pilots & camera operators
  • Underwater video in QLD & NSW for a sonar equipment maker
  • Explosive environments: coal mines and gas rigs
  • Whitewater action on the biggest man-made river in the southern hemisphere
  • Boat to boat & aircraft to boat for a leading outboard manufacturer
  • Mining and exploration in the US, Fiji, New Caledonia, NSW, QLD, NT and SA
  • Travel videos & TV ads for national government tourism authorities
  • Emergency Services bushfire videos
  • TV+Radio+Online advertising package for a national college network
  • TV+Online Video packages for Australia’s biggest regional tourism destination


Recently we’ve been asked to re-edit and re-purpose videos produced by other production companies, so that they generate the leads and sales that they should have produced in the first place.

That’s good for us, but vaguely frustrating. Because we’d rather the clients had invested in the right video, with the right message, first time around.


Everyone takes in information differently. Text leaves some people cold. Others are indifferent to images. But everyone responds to videos – especially in a market which has grown up with TV, DVDs and Youtube.

In fact, customers and investors expect to see videos on your website and in your marketing material.

Video says a lot about your company or organisation. It says you’re not stuck in the past. You’re not backwards in using current communications. It says you’re prepared to structure and deliver your information in an easily digestible form, so your customers don’t have to do the hard work.

You should call Billy on 0412 777 175 or send us a quick message for a confidential chat about ideas and costs for a video that achieves the results you want.

Video: better for budgets

1. One video shoot can produce enough material to feed your website for months, and can replace many pieces of print and text-based marketing material.

2. Video is quick and cheap to re-edit and re-use, often only needing a change of Voice Over and text on screen to create new videos which deliver great new messages to consumers, investors, or employees.

3. Different language versions are cheap and easy to make and distribute online, on memory sticks, or on DVDs, to shareholders, customers, distributors, suppliers, regulators, media organisations, analysts and brokers, in Australia and around the world.

4. You can re-use video footage again and again: Video PR kits & Press Releases. Video PR stories for TV News and Industry Websites. Web Videos. Video Ads. TV Ads. Sales Videos. Product Demonstration Videos. Videos for social media: YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. All from the original footage!

Your business needs video when:

1.  You have a website

A website without video is like staring at the wall. No involvement. No engagement.

2. You do a lot of presentations and pitches

A short, well-produced marketing video will:

  • Get the prospects’ attention
  • Focus them on your project, product or service
  • Give them the big picture quickly
  • Generate respect for your vision and commitment
  • Answer their objections and move them to the sale
  • Inspire them to get on board

3.  You have to get messages out to lots of people, simultaneously

A video on your website (promoted via an email campaign) or mailed out on memory sticks, will deliver a controlled, consistent message to all of your stakeholders, fast.

4.  A number of reps are selling your products or projects

Five representatives will deliver five different messages. A business video will present a unified message, right from the top, to potential customers, shareholders and stakeholders.

5.  Your organisation or project is represented by third parties

Brokers, re-sellers, distributors will all put their own gloss or twist on your message. Give them your marketing video to show to customers and clients, and they’ll sell your vision, your message, instead of their own.

6.  You’re competing in a crowded market for capital or customers

A corporate video will distinguish you from your competitors. It will make your organisation and your presentation stand out, and will sell your project or products in a more interesting, convincing and persuasive way.

7.  You’re pitching your product, project or company overseas

A video production can be easily re-languaged – Mandarin, Japanese, German, Russian, etc. – to give potential customers and investors in those countries clarity, comfort, and greatly improved confidence.


Do you need to deliver a high-level view of your company or organisation? Then you need a Corporate Video.

Should the video help close the sale of a specific product or service, online or face-to-face? Then it’s a Sales Video.

Do you need to demonstrate the features and benefits of a product or product range (a bit like an expanded TV commercial)? You need a Product Video.

Or do you want a short video for your website, with clean, simple graphics, briefly explaining your company, philosophy, products or services? That means an Explainer or Whiteboard Video.

Those are the four basic kinds of video. Each is a type of Marketing Video which does a specific communication job within your overall marketing strategy. And all of them can also be Web or Online Videos.

Confused? No wonder! Here’s an overview of the 14 different types of Marketing Videos used in business.

Why Web Videos Work

Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and other Search Engines give priority to websites containing video content.

Comscore found that when there was a video directly on the home page of a website people would stay on the site an average of 2 minutes longer, which translated to them being 64% more likely to buy something. Three out of five people will spend over 2 minutes watching a video about a product they want to purchase.

Invodo: 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.

Because we know production inside out, we keep production costs down. Because we’ve worked with the biggest brands in the world, we keep quality up. Because we write great scripts, your marketing video will do the job it’s supposed to do.

And because we measure the results of what we do, and have worked with hundreds of different kinds of businesses, we know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Possibilities Management Group
    The TV commercial looks absolutely fantastic, couldn’t be happier. The Instructional video also looks fantastic. The voice was spot on. Thanks so much for all your effort.
    Jonathan Oastler,Managing Director, Possibilities Management Group
  • Community Colleges Australia
    Wow! I found the video to be inspiring, the stories just blending so well together and picking up so many key decision-making triggers. Well done to you and your team.
    David Hurley,Manager - Business Development, SG&S Community College
  • Stubby Strip Australia
    Response to the national TV campaign is over 6 times higher than we anticipated. We are experiencing a massive number of hits and our website is going into meltdown. Thanks guys!
    Steve Delnawaz,CEO, Stubby Strip Australia
  • Sterling Mining Co.

    Love, love, love the film! I passed copies out generously when I was in Toronto last week for broker meetings and at the Chicago conference the week before and I've been getting a lot of very favorable feedback.

    Monique Hayes,Marketing Manager, Sterling Mining Co.
  • YPB Systems

    We are delighted with the product and your service, and your co-ordination of the Chinese translation for us. We've had a tremendously positive response to the video in London, Beijing and Australia.

    John Houston,Executive Chairman, YPB Systems
  • Dematic

    Billy and the team have an amazing way of exceeding my expectations. They really understand consumer, direct, industrial and B2B marketing. It’s what I need in an agency.

    Peter Trotter,General Manager Marketing, Dematic
  • Goldsearch Australia

    On the day Billy & Shaun's corporate film for Sterling Mining Co. was premiered at this year’s Silver Summit, the share price jumped from a previous base of $3.35 to over $4.20.

    John Percival,Chief Executive Officer, Goldsearch Australia
  • Harper Collins

    Their creative ideas matched our brief beautifully and the results were stunning. Our author experienced a threefold sales increase and is now one of the top ten Australian fiction authors.

    Jim Demetriou,Chief Operating Officer, Harper Collins
  • NSW Rural Fire Service

    They consistently provide the highest levels of delivery anyone could wish for; always in an engaging and friendly way. Production costs are held to a minimum to allow for greater media buying power.

    Russell Taylor,Chief of Staff, NSW Rural Fire Service


  1. We work with you to develop a brief and budget
  2. Research your industry and competitors
  3. Work out communication objectives
  4. Write scripts which fit the production budget
  5. Plan production including locations, crew, equipment, travel, etc
  6. Shoot the approved script
  7. Record audio and mix music
  8. Review progress with you as we edit
  9. Review the final production with you
  10. Master and supply presentation and streaming files


Our edit and audio suites are networked so your production is handled quickly and efficiently:

  • 16 core Mac Pro / Black Magic edit system with Final Cut Pro X 4K
  • Two MacBook Pro / Final Cut Pro X portable edit suites
  • Mac Pro graphics station with After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D
  • Broadcast-grade SONY monitoring
  • Mac Pro / Nuendo audio suite with certified broadcast mastering
  • SMPRO audio recording booth with Sennheiser 416 and Rode K2 studio mics


  • Sony XDCAM EX & Nikon D800 cameras
  • Redrock Encore Cinema Lens system
  • Atomos Ninja2 10-bit recorders. See them at work
  • Aerial Video: 100’s of hours shooting from helicopters & multirotor UAVs
  • CASA certified operators
  • Professional UAVs and 4K video cameras
  • Full lighting setups: floods, spots & panels
  • Cold lights for explosive environments: coal mines, gas & oil rigs
  • Camera sliders, cranes and dolly tracks
  • Sennheiser radio & Rode shotgun mics