Lokomotion is a creative video and TV ad production company.

We work for local, national and multi-national companies in Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, the US and the UK.

We script and produce videos, video ads, and TV ads. And we plan and manage TV media campaigns and online video roll-outs.

Our work covers all industry sectors, from cosmetics to heavy engineering, from tourism to telecomms. From food, to fashion, to finance, to furniture.

Here’s how Lokomotion built a TV ad campaign for an online seller that generated multi-million-dollar sales for an initial media investment of less than $1000.


We produce videos for product launches, for new seasonal ranges, for promotions, presentations, one-off sales, and special events.

We make product demonstration and presentation videos, sales videos, features & benefits videos, instructional and installation videos, technical videos, capabilities videos, marketing videos, industrial and corporate videos. Plus multi-language videos to help sell your services and products overseas.

And we find a way to make each video uniquely engaging and watchable.

Check out our showreels page to see examples of our work.


We deliver ideas, scripts and production of high-impact video ads for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo and Instagram. Ads that target and flag down your potential customers, and bring them to your website to see and buy.

We plan and manage video ad campaigns to suit your budget and sales targets.

And we’d love to work with you to deliver ads and videos that drive low cost leads right to your website.


Competing online for leads and sales is getting more expensive. But you can cut around the problem by running TV ads that drive streams of fresh new leads straight to your website before your online competitors can intercept them.

A TV ad on regional TV can reach up to 9 million Australians incredibly cheaply. From as little as $3 per thousand (‘Household Grocery Buyers’ demograph) to keep your cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale low. And we set up reporting so you can track the performance of your TV ads through your online metrics.

Find out more about our inexpensive and accountable approach to TV advertising here.


Direct Response TV Ad for Stubby Strip Drinks Cooler

“Response to the national TV campaign is over six times higher than we anticipated. We are experiencing a massive number of hits and our website is going into meltdown.” Steve Delnawaz, CEO, Stubby Strip Australia


TV Campaign for Harper Collins “Their creative ideas matched our brief beautifully and the results were stunning. Our author experienced a threefold sales increase.” Jim Demitriou, Chief Operating Officer, Harper Collins


TV commercial for fishing kayaks“The TV campaign generates all the sales I need, month after month. And the TV cost per sale is actually lower than our cost per sale on eBay!” Peter Rose, General Manager, Kayaks2Fish


Tourism TV Advertising Campaign. A 12 week, non-prime-time TV campaign increased domestic visitors by 22.1% and nights stayed by 28.4%, while competitor regions experienced significant downturns. Rita Fisher, President, Blue Mountains Tourism Limited


For information about product videos, business videos and marketing videos; online video ads for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn; or about a low-cost, high-response TV ad campaign to drive leads online to your website, send a message via our contact page.

  • Aussie Bronze
    The video looks and sounds fabulous! Thanks again for all your hard work. Can't wait to share it ...
    Sacha Roberts,CEO, Aussie Bronze
  • Possibilities Management Group
    The TV commercial looks absolutely fantastic, couldn’t be happier. The Instructional video also looks fantastic. The voice was spot on. Thanks so much for all your effort.
    Jonathan Oastler,Managing Director, Possibilities Management Group
  • Community Colleges Australia
    Wow! I found the video to be inspiring, the stories just blending so well together and picking up so many key decision-making triggers. Well done to you and your team.
    David Hurley,Manager - Business Development, SG&S Community College
  • Stubby Strip Australia
    Response to the national TV campaign is over 6 times higher than we anticipated. We are experiencing a massive number of hits and our website is going into meltdown. Thanks guys!
    Steve Delnawaz,CEO, Stubby Strip Australia
  • Sterling Mining Co.

    Love, love, love the film! I passed copies out generously when I was in Toronto last week for broker meetings and at the Chicago conference the week before and I've been getting a lot of very favorable feedback.

    Monique Hayes,Marketing Manager, Sterling Mining Co.
  • YPB Systems

    We are delighted with the product and your service, and your co-ordination of the Chinese translation for us. We've had a tremendously positive response to the video in London, Beijing and Australia.

    John Houston,Executive Chairman, YPB Systems
  • Dematic

    Billy and the team have an amazing way of exceeding my expectations. They really understand consumer, direct, industrial and B2B marketing. It’s what I need in an agency.

    Peter Trotter,General Manager Marketing, Dematic
  • Goldsearch Australia

    On the day Billy & Shaun's corporate film for Sterling Mining Co. was premiered at this year’s Silver Summit, the share price jumped from a previous base of $3.35 to over $4.20.

    John Percival,Chief Executive Officer, Goldsearch Australia
  • Harper Collins

    Their creative ideas matched our brief beautifully and the results were stunning. Our author experienced a threefold sales increase and is now one of the top ten Australian fiction authors.

    Jim Demetriou,Chief Operating Officer, Harper Collins