Lokomotion is an Australian video production and TV/Online advertising company. We write and produce marketing videos. We create and produce TV ads and online video ads. We plan and run TV advertising and digital video campaigns. We are professionals in marketing strategy, advertising planning, creative, and production. We have fun, but our work is strategically planned and results driven.

Billy is an award winning copywriter, designer, creative director, communications strategist and video director. He has worked in the UK, Australia, NZ, Singapore and Japan on brands including Singapore Airlines, Nikon, Siemens, Nissan, Ford, Sara Lee, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Revlon.

Following a successful location shoot, Billy leaves the hotel with a suitcase full of toiletries, towels and bathrobes.

Following a successful location shoot, Billy leaves the hotel, suitcases filled with toiletries, towels and bathrobes.

Our production team is headed by Shaun, video director, DOP, CASA-certified drone pilot, and editor. His credits for commercials include National Australia Bank, Channel 10, Real Insurance, McDonald’s and New Caledonia Tourism. Recent assignments have taken him to the US, Fiji and Italy.

We pride ourselves on having the right equipment for every job. Here, Shaun is set up to shoot a colonoscopy

We pride ourselves on having the right equipment for every job. Here, Shaun is prepped to shoot a colonoscopy


Successful TV Campaign for Penrith Whitewater Rafting “Sales of gift certificates grew by more than 600% in the first 3 months. This the best ROI we have ever had!”  Simonetta Lo Po, Marketing Manager, Penrith Whitewater


TV Campaign Thomson Education“Online will always be the one of the cheapest channels but if you want the rest of the market, you need to add in TV.”  Sonia Molnar, Marketing Manager, Thomson Education Direct



  • Shooting video while mixed-gas diving on a wreck 80m down off the east coast of Australia


  • Location Shoot On A White Sand Beach, Somewhere In The Far Pacific


  • Shooting a Pirate TV Commercial


  • Shooting TV Commercials in the Pacific Islands


  • Shaun shooting stills while we shoot video with the Cineflex camera


  • Aerial Filming


  • Filming underwater when you can't be arsed swimming.



If you’d like to know more about launching or growing your business with TV and/or digital video ads, call Billy on 0412 777 175. Or drop us a line via our contact page.



  • Aussie Bronze
    The video looks and sounds fabulous! Thanks again to you and Shaun for all your hard work. Can't wait to share it ...
    Sacha Roberts,CEO, Aussie Bronze
  • Possibilities Management Group
    The TV commercial looks absolutely fantastic, couldn’t be happier. The Instructional video also looks fantastic. The voice was spot on. Thanks so much for all your effort.
    Jonathan Oastler,Managing Director, Possibilities Management Group
  • Community Colleges Australia
    Wow! I found the video to be inspiring, the stories just blending so well together and picking up so many key decision-making triggers. Well done to you and your team.
    David Hurley,Manager - Business Development, SG&S Community College
  • Stubby Strip Australia
    Response to the national TV campaign is over 6 times higher than we anticipated. We are experiencing a massive number of hits and our website is going into meltdown. Thanks guys!
    Steve Delnawaz,CEO, Stubby Strip Australia
  • Sterling Mining Co.

    Love, love, love the film! I passed copies out generously when I was in Toronto last week for broker meetings and at the Chicago conference the week before and I've been getting a lot of very favorable feedback.

    Monique Hayes,Marketing Manager, Sterling Mining Co.
  • YPB Systems

    We are delighted with the product and your service, and your co-ordination of the Chinese translation for us. We've had a tremendously positive response to the video in London, Beijing and Australia.

    John Houston,Executive Chairman, YPB Systems
  • Dematic

    Billy and the team have an amazing way of exceeding my expectations. They really understand consumer, direct, industrial and B2B marketing. It’s what I need in an agency.

    Peter Trotter,General Manager Marketing, Dematic
  • Goldsearch Australia

    On the day Billy & Shaun's corporate film for Sterling Mining Co. was premiered at this year’s Silver Summit, the share price jumped from a previous base of $3.35 to over $4.20.

    John Percival,Chief Executive Officer, Goldsearch Australia
  • Harper Collins

    Their creative ideas matched our brief beautifully and the results were stunning. Our author experienced a threefold sales increase and is now one of the top ten Australian fiction authors.

    Jim Demetriou,Chief Operating Officer, Harper Collins