• Brand, Retail Or DRTV. Which TV Campaign Is Right For You?

    While you’d expect brand, retail and direct response commercials to be different, it might surprise you to know how vastly different the media footprints must be for each type of campaign to do its job cost-effectively. With brand or retail campaigns, a narrower schedule with more frequency will return more sales than a campaign that tries to reach your total market with less frequency. With Direct Response, the opposite applies. You don’t […]

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  • Simple Secrets For First-Time TV Advertisers

    Smaller advertisers can’t afford to replicate the strategy of big advertisers. Instead, they have to be careful and use their budget judiciously. For example, prime-time TV is popular with big advertisers. It’s great for national brands that need to get a message out to their whole market simultaneously, for a national product launch or a sale, for example. But prime-time media has a number of disadvantages that will bite small and medium-size […]

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  • How TV Advertising Makes Online Marketers Market Leaders

    As the other players in your market segment become proficient at online marketing, the fight for market share becomes tighter. And it’s increasingly hard to put distance between yourself and your competition. So instead of trying to outbid your competitors for online customers, wouldn’t it be better to step outside that arena and reach a vast, new, untapped market? TV gives you access to the millions of potential customers who you (and […]

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  • TV Advertising: Why 100% Reach Is Out Of Reach

    As in most consumption-based systems, Pareto’s Law applies to media as well. While you can probably reach 60-70% of your target market cost-effectively, after that, the cost per additional percentage point climbs astronomically. And reaching the last 10% of your market can consume 90% of your budget. Over the years, working with clients who have smaller TV budgets, we have observed that by aiming at a smaller percentage of the total target […]

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