Corporate Video For the Resource Sector


Now, more than ever, miners and explorers need to win back the confidence of investors and reassure them that commodity prices have a bright future. And that’s exactly what a persuasive corporate video can do. It’s the communication tool that makes shareholders, analysts and investors catch the essence of your vision, understand the strategy behind your activities, and have confidence in your organisation.

But a corporate video doesn’t just make you stand out from the crowd, it makes the difference between just another dry, technical monologue and a dynamic, reassuring presentation.

Rebuilding shareholder confidence is critical

Imagine standing up and delivering the best presentation your shareholders have ever seen. Imagine it was scripted by award winning writers. Rehearsed to perfection. Delivered with persuasive clarity and convincing confidence. Supported with brilliant images, gorgeous music, stunning video sequences. Imagine the impact it would have on your shareholders and investors, and the boost in confidence it would give them in your management of their investment, and the future of your company.

Right there, that’s exactly the kind of power a good corporate video will add to your next investor presentation.

What can you put in a Corporate Video?

You probably already have the ingredients for a great corporate video. Your video can include a combination of any of the following elements which can be put together to produce a persuasive and convincing investor story:

On-ground filming

Showing landforms, infrastructure, drilling, mining, processing and transportation operations.

Satellite imagery

Of landforms, with 2D graphic overlays showing geographic locations, exploration lease areas, existing mines, transport and processing infrastructure.

3D modelling and fly-throughs

Of underground ore bodies, reserves and resources, using exploration or mining data. These models can be highly detailed, showing target areas, drill holes, poly-metal ore bodies, and mine walls, tunnels and shafts. 3D models can also show terrain, geological structures, and proposed mining, processing and transportation infrastructure. 3D modelling can be combined with aerial filming to literally fly the viewer over the target area, zoom them down towards the resource, and then take them down through the ground to fly around the ore-body.

Aerial filming

From 0 to 15,000 ft, showing terrain, infrastructure, lease areas, open cut mining operations, environmental mitigation, proximity to existing mining operations or known resources, proximity to rail or road transportation, and work-force accommodation.

Underground filming

Of mining operations. Today’s HD cameras see more in low light. Tapeless cameras and cold lighting systems can be certified and approved for working in explosive environments such as coal mines, and on oil and gas rigs.


With company directors, operations executives, geologists, and analysts. These interviews can be included in corporate film presentations as well as being edited into stand-alone video modules which can be streamed from your website.

Animated graphs and charts

Showing production and consumption trends, historical price movements, predicted price movements, comparisons of various stocks, and comparative analysis of reserves, resources and market capitalisation.

Library footage

Showing historical mining operations, industrial use of various metals, stock markets, bullion stockpiles, etc. At Lokomotion, we have our own library of aerial footage that we’ve shot around Australia which can be included in your production.

Voice-overs in any language

Investors in China and Japan are more comfortable if your message is delivered in their language. A professionally translated and voiced audio track will ensure your message makes the best impression on any market in the world.

Whatever you want to communicate, the above elements will help you say it in a dynamic and compelling way which leaves a lasting impression on shareholders and investors, and makes your communications and presentations outstanding.

OK. How do I justify the investment?

Acquisition of great footage isn’t as expensive as it used to be. Post production, which is a careful hand-crafted assembly of all the different elements of your video, has been made more efficient by technology. And these days, the cost of your video can be amortised across a number of presentation resources and media activities, online and off line. The more ways you deploy the footage, the lower the unit cost of each activity becomes.

Think about DVD or memory stick mail-outs; big-screen conference, seminar, and road show presentations; notebook presentations; email-able or downloadable presentations; video sequences taken out of the corporate video and embedded in Powerpoint presentations and in your website.

In fact, there are many ways in which you can deploy your corporate video to maximise the return on your investment:

Make everyone in your company a presenter

Put the corporate film on everyone’s laptop. With a click on an icon, they can present your company and projects in the best possible way, to anyone, anywhere, any time.

DVD or USB stick mail-outs

You have a list of current investors. Start your mailing list with your current investors. Add potential investors, analysts and journalists, and mail-out the DVD or memory stick. It’s an economical way to blitz the market.

Road Shows to stakeholders, shareholders, partners, customers

First, hypnotise your prey! Start your presentations with a big-screen projection of your corporate video. It gets their attention, paints the big picture, inspires them with the vision, the opportunity. Then you can get down to the nuts and bolts of the more technical aspects of your presentation. The video inspires them. The geological and financial presentations reinforce that inspiration.

Conference hand-outs

Give out DVDs or memory sticks so they can be re-inspired, or inspire others with the opportunity you’re presenting them.

AGM presentation

Again, start with a bang. Hire a big screen and project the video to show your investors the big picture, the vision and the great opportunities. Include a DVD of the video in the annual report, or hand out DVDs or memory sticks to attendees. You can’t fly your shareholders over your projects or take them underground, but your corporate video can!

Website video

Investors check your website. So put a streaming media version of your video on there, so they can remind themselves of the worth of their investment. Integrated with 3D modelled ore bodies, this can be a persuasive tool when it comes to presenting the vision and potential of your company to shareholders, investors, analysts and commentators. You can also run a mass email campaign inviting recipients to click a link to your website to see the corporate video.

Foreign language versions

Re-version your corporate video in foreign languages to create a positive impression and effective communication to non-English speaking brokers, investors, joint venture partners and customers.

Media packs

Without spectacular footage it is often impossible to break good-news stories in TV media. With the corporate video footage, you can produce a video media kit which will help your PR operation to harness the power of TV news.


You can display your environmental ethos and put together a selection of footage to emphasise good environmental practices and effective remediation programmes.


Each frame of a high-definition video measures 1920 by 1080 pixels, providing a stream of detailed stills of approximately 2 million pixels resolution, which can be used as full colour stills in annual reports, media releases, announcements, press kits, brochures, posters, etc.

Inspiration and persuasion

A corporate video is about the your corporate image and the culture of your company. It tells viewers what is different and better about your company. The message is power and determination. The result inspiration and persuasion.

And a corporate video isn’t just a massively effective presentation tool. It is a collection of video, audio, graphics and animation resources that you can return to and mine, again and again.

A great corporate video can provide you with three or four years of marketing material.

And it can be economically updated each year – with just voice over and graphics changes – as drill programme results or productivity figures are updated.

If you keep your corporate video fresh, it’ll keep you looking good to an ever increasing number of shareholders and stakeholders, well into the future.



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