Folks in the search business are very aware that TV advertising drives web traffic: via search and direct to websites.

In fact, the quickest, easiest, and lowest-cost way of increasing leads and sales for your business from your TV advertising campaign is SEO and Google AdWords. This should be an essential ingredient in any TV advertising plan, because it not only delivers leads, sales enquiries and customers, it also provides accurate and reliable campaign feedback, and market response information which is an invaluable resource for increasing the effectiveness of your TV advertising campaign.

But the benefit isn’t just increased leads and sales. The other benefit of having your online marketing set up properly when you run your TV campaign is that it allows you to isolate and quantify the results of your TV advertising: You can split-test TV commercials and measure the response online to determine which commercial works best. You can measure which time-slots and programmes are working best for you, and eliminate those that are wasting your money. Your spend goes down, your sales go up.

How immediate is it? Often, it’s instant. With more and more people browsing while they watch TV, and watching TV on tablets and computers, you can actually see web hits arriving before the TV commercial has finished running – especially with direct response TV commercials.

On the other hand, we know of a TV advertising campaign failing when the advertiser didn’t have SEO and AdWords set up. Potential customers saw the TV commercial, went online, Googled the product, and then clicked through to competitors’ websites. Meaning this TV advertiser effectively paid for their competitors’ sales!

So, at minimum you need to get your AdWords sorted before you run TV advertising. At best, you’ll have AdWords, SEO, and a dedicated landing page set up to complement the TV commercial and ensure a seamless experience for customers who come on line specifically to look for you and your advertised product.



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