When planning your first TV campaign, the best thing you can do is test, test, and test. Test a number of different messages online as banner ads, and then use the top performing one or two as guides to the message in your TV commercial.

If possible, produce two different versions of your commercial, each with a different message based on the two top performing banner ads.

Select a small market for your test, such as Newcastle – which has a mix of urban, suburban and rural households which represents the metro and regional markets of Australia.

Test your TV media by planning an initial, low-cost run of media in selected programmes which deliver your target customers at the lowest cost per thousand. You select lower CPM programming because not every programme will deliver cost-effective leads (it’s a test after all)  so you want to spend as little money as possible identifying the programmes that fail to deliver.

Launch your campaign and monitor your search engine and website traffic to identify those programmes that are delivering the lowest cost leads, and those that deliver high cost leads.

Establish an affordable cost-per-lead that results in profitable sales, and eliminate any programmes and time-zones from the media schedule that aren’t meeting that cost-per-lead target. Then re-allocate that budget to spots in the better-performing programmes. And you’ll have a model of how your campaign will work when it rolls out state-wide, nationally, or to selected major metropolitan markets.

Keep monitoring your online traffic to make sure every TV spot is cost-effectively adding customers to your online funnel and you’re getting every last drop of value from your campaign.



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