There are two main types of TV commercial: brand awareness and direct response. Each works in a different way to do a different job.

The secret to successful TV advertising is to make sure you run the right kind of commercial for your particular product or service, its current stage in its marketing cycle, and your distribution and revenue model.


Brand Awareness: If your product or brand is famous and widely available (think Coca-Cola) most of your market only needs a quick reminder to buy your product. You can fit a reminder message into a 15 or 30 second brand awareness TV commercial.

Response Advertising: If you’re not a famous brand, your commercial needs to do more than just remind. It needs to demonstrate, and deliver a sales pitch which persuades people to take action: to go to your website and buy! So you need a response commercial.

A sales pitch takes longer to deliver than a reminder message. So response ads tend to be a bit longer – 30 to 60 seconds. The bad news: a 60 second TV spot costs more than a 30 second TV spot. The good news: a 60 second response ad delivers more than twice the sales of a 30 sec. ad.

Lokomotion creates and produces the right type of TV commercial to do the required marketing job: brand awareness, or response.

All of our TV commercials have one thing in common: they’re strategically driven to make money for our clients.

We develop the communications strategy, write the scripts, shoot, record, edit, manage the TV regulatory approval and classification process, and distribute dubs to the TV networks. Our end-to-end service saves you time and complications. 

We also turn the footage into online video ads and website videos. And we plan and run successful TV media campaigns: Here’s how we built a successful TV media campaign for less than $1,000.


Good TV commercials are finely-tuned sales machines. Which means they have sound strategy and commercially clever thinking behind them. Here are the four essential ingredients of a good TV commercial:


What’s important to you and what’s important to your market isn’t always identical. Sometimes you can be too close to your product or service.

So we provide a briefing form that asks a series of straightforward questions to help us understand your organisation, your product or service, your market, and your competitive dynamics.

Then we come back to you with:


There’s a certain amount of information your TV commercial needs to communicate to trigger the purchase decision.

The communications strategy details what we need to show and tell people in your market to get them to take action:

  1. Who are we talking to?
  2. What action do we want them to take?
  3. What do they need to believe in order to take action?
  4. What evidence do we have that will convince them to act?


Your TV commercial will introduce your company and your product to hundreds of thousands – even millions – of new customers. So it needs to generate credibility and trust.

This is especially important when you’re asking people who’ve never heard of you before to go to your website and hand over their money.

Of course you don’t want to spend too much on your TV ad. But you can’t afford to spend too little, either. People prefer to do business with successful businesses. So your commercial needs to make you look like the market leader in your category. Even if you aren’t.

There are a number of ways to work out what is a reasonable TV ad production budget: by percentage, on a sliding scale, or by ROI evaluation. We’ve prepared some helpful budgeting information and advice on how to control and manage TV commercial production costs.


Never forget that the primary objective of a TV commercial is to make people do something: call your number, visit your website, go to your sale, or remember to pick up your product next time they’re in the supermarket, the chemist, the pub or the servo.

Years of experience has taught us to write scripts that press the right buttons to get the required result. And because we combine award-winning creativity with marketing skill and production know-how, we write scripts that will give you the very best bang for your budget.

You should check out our information on TV ad scripts and TV copywriting, And we’ve also produced an insightful guide to how and why response TV commercials really work.


Successful TV Campaign for Penrith Whitewater Rafting

“Sales of gift certificates grew by more than 600% in the first 3 months. This the best ROI we have ever had!” Simonetta Lo Po, Marketing Manager, Penrith Whitewater


TV Campaign Thomson Education“Online will always be the one of the cheapest channels but if you want the rest of the market, you need to add in TV.” Sonia Molnar, Marketing Manager, Thomson Education Direct


TV-Campaign-StubbyStrip“Response to the national TV campaign is over six times higher than we anticipated. We are experiencing a massive number of hits and our website is going into meltdown.” Steve Delnawaz, CEO, Stubby Strip Australia


TV Campaign for Harper Collins“Their creative ideas matched our brief beautifully and the results were stunning. Our author experienced a threefold sales increase.” Jim Demitriou, Chief Operating Officer, Harper Collins


Video for fishing kayaks“The TV campaign generates all the sales I need, month after month. And the TV cost per sale is actually lower than our cost per sale on eBay!” Peter Rose, General Manager, Kayaks2Fish


Tourism TV Advertising Campaign.A 12 week non-prime-time TV campaign increased domestic visitors by 22.1% and nights stayed by 28.4%, while competitor regions experienced significant downturns. Rita Fisher, President, Blue Mountains Tourism Limited


TV Campaign Credit Counsellors Australasia

“During the first week of TV, while testing in minor regional markets only, our web traffic increased 300%.” Cliff Mearns, CEO, Credit Counsellors Australasia


1. What action do you want your market to take?
2. What do they need to believe, to take that action?
3. What do you need to tell them to make them believe?
4. What evidence do you have that will convince them?

To learn more about ideas, options and budgets for your TV or online ad, you should get in touch via our confidential contact form.

If you simply want a great TV commercial or online video ad, Lokomotion is happy to be your creative production company.

If you’d also like an effective TV media plan, or a new sales channel driven by TV advertising read about our successful TV media strategies here.

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