Your company’s promotional DVD could be a ticking time bomb, waiting to destroy your presentation at the worst possible moment. Cheap, no-name DVDs frequently fail. And they can fail at the most critical point in your pitch. The best disc manufacturers are Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Taiyo Yuden owns the JVC disc brand. Mitsubishi owns the Verbatim disc brand. But brand names alone are no guarantee of top quality.

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  • A Direct Campaign With 200 Billion Impressions. Cool Bananas!

    Tourism Marketing Video

    Ecuador has a lot to offer tourists: tropical beaches, brilliant diving, fabulous seafood, the Galapagos Islands, the snow-capped Andes, the Amazon jungle, Spanish, Inca and pre-Inca heritage. A couple of hours flight-time from Miami. Trouble is, not enough tourists know about Ecuador which doesn’t have the money to splash on an international awareness campaign. But it does export 24 million tonnes of bananas each year to North America, Asia and Europe.

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  • Why Resource Companies Need Corporate Videos

    Corporate Video For the Resource Sector

    Investors have a mountain of investment choices. Are you doing enough to distinguish yourself from their other investment opportunities? Now, more than ever, miners and explorers need to win back the confidence of investors and reassure them that commodity prices have a bright future. And that’s exactly what a persuasive corporate video can do. It’s the communication tool that makes shareholders, analysts and investors catch the essence of your vision, understand the […]

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  • How To Write A Direct Response TV Commercial

    DRTV. Direct Response TV Commercials

    You can create a Direct Response TV commercial which makes people do exactly what you tell them to. But only if you meet some prerequisites. The key is to understand what makes people take action. Here it is: People will take action to move towards a goal, to remove a block to a goal, or to resolve a state of tension. A good DRTV commercial will introduce the product and its benefits. […]

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  • When The Pilot Says “Uh-oh.”

    Video Production: Shooting Aerial Video

    Shaun reckons the worst thing you can ever hear a helicopter pilot say is “Uh-oh” because you don’t know whether he just realised he forgot his lunch or you’re all about to die. When we’re shooting aerial video, I don’t look out the window, because I have to watch the monitor. Just a few shoots ago, we were flying up a forested valley, filming a cable car which ran up to the […]

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