People often talk to us about running an online or TV ad campaign for their product or service.

And the first thing some of them want to tell us is WHO they want as a presenter for their ads.

This is a bit disconcerting because it’s putting the cart way before the horse.

It’s much more vital to first know who we’re talking to, rather than who’s doing the talking.

We want to know about the target market, what their choices are, what are their pressures and concerns?

What will make them more likely to buy and what will prevent them from buying?

Then we can work out the right message to press those people’s hot buttons and make them buy your product.

With advertising, as with most things in life, don’t think about HOW you’re going to do something until you’ve first decided WHAT it is you have to do.

Then you can have fun thinking about the BEST way of doing it.

If you don’t think in this ‘first steps first’ way, then the more you spend on advertising, the more you’re going to waste.

Because you’re prioritising the presentation over the substance of the message.

The message is far more important than the presentation.

If you’ve got a good message that presses all the right customer buttons, you can print it on a business card, put it on a leaflet, stick it on a t-shirt, write it in the sky, or paint it on a fence, and it will work.

If you don’t have a good message, or you have the wrong message, then it wouldn’t matter if the Lord Almighty himself sang it with a choir of angels and an orchestra of golden trumpets, you will not get the desired response and it will cost you money instead of making you money.



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